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Landscape and Garden Architecture
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The Ateliers Damien Derouaux are a landscaping office.


The gardens are, more than ever, an escape from our active lives. Ateliers Damien Derouaux creates unique and attractive living spaces combining context, utility and aesthetics. 

We seek in each project a clear harmony between aesthetics and ecology, staged in an exceptionally creative way. The constructions have a functional and creative purpose, used as a connector with nature.

The concept of "passing time" is a primary factor in the design of our gardens. In the plant world, everything begins when the construction of the garden is completed.  Therefore, we dream of gardens that adapt to  a moving vegetation season after season. Stuck between several temporalities, our gardens evoke both history and the contemporary, while imagining the future in an ultimate research for comfort.


We work from the draft to the site supervision. After a first contact with our customers, we propose a price offer for a work mission adapted to the requests and needs.​


The ateliers are based in Belgium and directed by Damien Derouaux. Our clientele is mainly private but we also work on public and semi-public projects in Belgium and abroad.


In order to offer unique and innovative solutions, the ateliers collaborate with various professionals related to the landscape architecture industry. We work with artists, historians, ecologists, specialist nurseries, urban farmers and many others.


Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your projects and to discuss possible collaborations together.

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