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Landscape and Garden Architecture

Damien Derouaux, Landscape Architect


First graduated in environmental management, the attraction for creative work pushed him towards landscape architecture. A few years working in the famous Belgian office "Wirtz International" allowed him to deepen his knowledge of landscape and helped him to develop his own vision of the art of gardens.
A complementary training in plastic arts at the Academies of Fine Arts of Liège and Antwerp refined his creativity by researching forms, materials and proportions.

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Tuin architectuur Antwerpen 

Tuinarchitectuur ontwerp

Stadstuin Daktuin 

PAKT Wirtz, Axel Vervoord, Vincent Van Duysen VVD, Glenn Sestig Antwerpen Bekend Van der Hilst
architecte paysagiste connu
Jacques Wirtz Paysagiste connu contemporain réputé Liège Bruxelles Bel
best landscape architect
Architecte paysagiste connu belgique

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